Pack Protur Cars

Pack Protur Cars 5€ per day

We want you to travel safely, for nothing unexpected to happen to you and for you to have a pleasant holiday with us.

This is why we are offering you the PROTUR CARS PACKAGE, where, for a small sum of money, we will cover certain contingencies that are not covered by the insurance company.

  1. Additional driver.
  2. Loss of the rental car keys.
  3. In the event of an accident or breakdown we provide you with transport from the place  of the incident to the hotel, with the prior authorization of the lessor. The transportation of the vehicle to our garage is covered.
  4. As a result of a mistake made in filling up with the wrong fuel, we cover the damages that it causes to the vehicle and its transportation to our garage.

We would like to remind you that it is important not to leave personal objects or belongings in the vehicle, because in the event of theft or damage they will not be covered by the lessor or by the insurance company.

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